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Hi! I'm Safira and welcome to my blog.

I started this as an outlet to write creatively outside of work. My day job was a reporter for a London newspaper, so it was fun writing something other than hard news, and trying out new make-up.

I'm originally from Yorkshire, but grew up in north Wales. I have also lived in Cumbria before moving down to London, where I am now based.

Here is a little Q&A to learn a little bit more about me if you are feeling especially nosey!

Define your style: I love tea dresses, pastels and bold colours like dark purples, pinks, reds, blues, greens and turquoise. I am trying to wear less black. You will never find me without jewellery. Ever. I love big earrings, big, chunky necklaces, and big rings.

What's your favourite TV programme? Anything reality based, The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

Most expensive make-up purchases? I was addicted to Dior for so long I bought the whole range of make-up, but I just couldn't afford to keep re-stocking it when I ran out. I love Dior's hydrating moisturiser, but only when I can afford it. And my favourite find is a limited edition J'adore body oil with real gold particles in it.

Least expensive make-up purchases? I am loving MUA's make-up range. Eyeliners for £1! How can you not love it?

What annoys you most? When people don't stand up on public transport to let older people or those who have difficulty standing to sit down.

What makes you happy? Chocolate. And friends and family.

Heels or flats? Flats. I love heels, but can't walk in them.

Smoky or subtle eye? Smoky! I love heavy eye make-up with lots of black eyeliner.

Lipstick or gloss? I do prefer lipstick, but am coming around to wearing more gloss.

Safira x


  1. Hi Safira,

    If you like jewellery...this might be of interest: :-)


  2. Reality TV?? Remind me why I'm friends with you..... hehehe

  3. Hi Safira! You recently connected with me on Twitter and that led me here to your blog. I love it! I'm a beauty blogger myself so if you ever want to exchange links or work on a guest post together, let me know :-)


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