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Monday, June 22, 2015

Juicing vs blending - #CurrysIntroJuicing

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A few weeks ago I went along to a Joes Bloggers event to learn all about juicing. Juicing is very in right now and a very popular way to stay healthy. My first foray into juicing was two years ago when trying out the Jason Vale 7-day detox cleanse, so I was keen to learn more about it and its benefits. The event was with Curry's and Phillips and took place in Kings Cross, London. 

First up, we were given the yummiest spread of wraps and drinks - all healthy of course (!) as we sat down to get to know the other bloggers. Then we had a talk from Stephanie, the founder of Raw & Juicy, to talk about the difference between juicing and blending.

Stephanie's own journey is inspiring as she started the company in 2006. She was suffering from chronic fatigue which had her feeling unwell and sleeping for 14 hours a day. She was put on a combination of medication to try and fix the problem but they actually ended up adding to the fatigue. After doing some research she foudn that a juice fast was the best way to cleanse her system. She put together a plan for herself to do from him and it drastically helped with her health making her fatigue disappear. She found her passion and started the company.

So back to the juicing, quite simply, it is the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, which leaves behind the pulp. By removing the fibre it makes it easier for the nutrients to be absorbed into the body - were told it takes about 15 minutes! That's much quicker than if you were eating your food.

Of course, like anything there are negatives, and with juicing the bad point is that because the fibre contains 30% of the nutrients it leaves you with 70%. Without the fibre in your juice you body's digestive system is given a rest as it doesn't have to break it all down. I know from having tried a juice diet a couple of years ago that you can get hungry quickly when you start it, but as your body gets used to this the feeling subsides. Also, it'ss more likely to have spikes in blood sugar levels because of the sugar in fruit. You can avoid this by adding more vegetables instead.

On the other side of the coin is blending, which leaves no pulp and just blends the whole fruit and vegetables (and seeds/ nuts etc) together. By blending it all up the fibre is broken up and this makes it easier to digest than eating the whole fruit or vegetable. It releases the nutrients slower into the blood stream too. 

We were told that they are both different and be used for different reasons. I know from previously doing a juice cleanse that juicing alone gave me hunger pangs, my blood sugar was all over the place. When i started blending instead and making smoothies it kept me fuller for longer, but I missed making juices and felt 'cleaner' by starting my day with a juice. Now I have been combining the two  and like the variety of having them both. 
Now armed with all this information we watched a mocktail masterclass by The Cocktail Service. They used a Philips Avance Blender to blitz strawberries, raspberries, honey, lemon juice, cranberry juice and ice to make a 'Berries Matter' mocktail. It was delicious!
After the demo we had the chance of making our own mocktails. For the first one we cut up a melon, pineapple, kiwi fruit, bananas, a mango and ice. I loved this juice!
After this we used the Philips Viva Collection Juicer to make a juice using carrots and beetroot, and added to the blender with the avocado, celery sticks and ice. This was a lot tangier and not to my taste as much as the first one. 

I had a fun evening learning lots about juicing and blending and came away armed with lots of new ideas to try at home! With the sunny weather we've been having recently I am more inspired to try out some new recipes!

For more information you can visit: Techtalk with Currys - Juicing vs blending.


  1. Great post, I have always been a bit on the fence about juicing, health-wise, especially with juicing fruit do you not just get a huge sugar rush? That said I would like to try it, I think it would be great if I could incorporate some veggies I wouldn't normally eat into my diet. Just need to get me a blender/juicer!


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