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Monday, April 13, 2015

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils

The Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils are my current lip staple for either a muted every day look for work or a bright lip to rock in the sunshine. I've been wearing both of these colours for a little while now and love their staying power as well as how moisturising they are.

I got them in the shades Fab Orange and Nude Perfection, then forgot where I put them. Went to the shops and thought I was buying a colour I didn't have and bought Fab Orange again! Well, at least I know they will be well worn.
I haven't necessarily had to use a balm underneath them unless my lips were on occasion more dry. They glide on so effortlessly, which isn't a problem for the nude, but I have to be extra careful with the orange as it's a little difficult to go in and touch up if I make a mistake. The orange in particular has great staying power and I only needed to touch it up the odd time during the day.
I am planning to go back and get some of the pinky-toned shades now that the sun is out and I'm more likely to wear brighter lip colours.

Have you tried any from the range? Which are your favourite shades?
They are available here.


  1. Do you find that they easily smudge ?

    1. I would say they are easy to blend, and for the Fab Orange I was careful around the outline of my lips. But once on the lips they don't smudge around, and they stayed put almost all day. x


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