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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ohso chocolate

Regular readers may remember that I am currently taking part in a Diet Challenge with Sky News where I have been challenged to take on the 5:2 diet. The one thing I was dreading as part of the diet was cutting out chocolate as it is my biggest downfall - I love it! I started a fasting day then remembered I was going to an event showcasing the Ohso range and was kicking myself as I thought I was going to mess up my fast day - but it turns out the chocolate was so low calorie that even taste-testing it at the event I didn't go over my calorie allowance - result!

We started off with an introduction from Andrew Marten, the CEO of Ohso who talked us through the qualities of the chocolate:

  • It's Belgian chocolate
  • It's the perfect little treat - each bar is 13.5g and 63 calories
  • They are packed full of antioxidants 
  • It gives a daily boost of friendly bacteria and is 3 times more effective delivery to the gut than yoghurts. 
Not bad for such a little bar of chocolate eh?!

There's about a billion good bacteria in each bar. Each big carton, as shown above, opens up to contain 7 little bars - one for every day of the week.

During the second part of the session we had a talk from Eve Kalinik, a nutritional therapist at SP&Co who talked to us about good bacteria and gut health, which was so useful to know what are the best foods to eat.

And in the last part of the session we were invited to take a taste-test and guess which chocolate was which - I loved the raspberry flavour - gorgeous! But I really struggled to tell the difference between the regular chocolate and no added sugar versions - which shows how close the taste was.

They come in: regular chocolate, no added sugar, orange, raspberry and lemon.
They are available from Wholefoods, Boots, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and online at Have you tried these chocolates and which would you go for?

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