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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 is here and it already feels different for me. I love reading blog posts at this time of year as they are so positive and full of promise. For me, there's things I would like to achieve this year, but first I want to look back before I move forward.

This morning I had to go into Leytonstone, a town in East London that I lived in for about a year when I first moved to London four and a half years ago. Being back there made me realise how far I had come, what I had achieved since I had lived there and how much I had changed.

Similarly, the past year has been hard, but an improvement on 2013. Asif recovered from his back operation, went back to college and got his IT qualification during the first half of the year, and has started a new job. I am a year into my own new career and I am loving it. I am so glad I made the leap from journalism to PR when I did.

The latter part of last year brought me closer to my family and friends for various reasons. It has taught me to live each day like it's your last and appreciate what you have as it could all be taken away from you in an instant.

There's many things I would like to achieve this year, but rather than making a checklist, I would rather have some things to focus on.

1. My first goal is my health and weight. I've always loved doing food posts and last year started looking into healthy eating. Starting from tomorrow I will be filming for a programme for a TV network about dieting and healthy eating. I am excited and feel privileged to take part. I will have more on that after tomorrow.

2. Make more time for me - I always put others first above what I want and need. It's important that I stop doing that. Yes, it's important to do that sometimes, but realistically I can't sacrifice my own values to please others.

3. Make more time for my friends. I have some of the best friends all around the country and I count myself lucky. I can't wait to see more of them this year.

3. In terms of my blog I had a look over the posts from the past year and I could tell where I was in my headspace for each one of them. Blogging should never be a chore and I was wearing myself out trying to keep up with others.
I started this blog as I wanted an outlet to be creative, try new things and write in a way that I couldn't in my day job as a journalist at the time. Almost four years on it is a different place, but I have changed with it too. As I do look back it's obvious to me that I love the creative posts the most, the nail art ones in particular. I love the challenges, as can be seen from my recent December Nailmas one, and I am about to start a new January challenge. I also loved the food and lifestyle posts, so expect more of those on the blog.

4. And lastly, there is a distinct lack of me on the blog with very few pictures of me. I am coming out of my comfort zone and feature more of ME here since this is my little space. Heck, if I can agree to go on TV, I can sure feature more of me on here too.

So there you have it folks. I have wishes to travel to cities in Europe this year, to start thinking about the future, and to get our own place, but all in good time. I'm taking baby steps to begin with as things are starting to look up for the first time in a long time. So here's to 2015 and all it may bring.

You can also read about some of my healthy eating resolutions on Bon Prix's blog here which features some lovely bloggers talking about what they are looking forward to in 2015. Check it out!


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