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Friday, January 2, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 1 - Follow a tutorial - Water marbling

I'm no nail art expert - and I'm more than happy to admit it. But what I do love about my nail journey is that I am not afraid to make mistakes and learn for next time. That's what Day 1 of the Crumpet's nail art challenge was for me and to try something completely new.

Now, water marbling is not a new technique by any means, but it was new to me. Over Christmas my sisters wanted me to paint their nails and I was more than happy to try out my new techniques on them. But when it came to water marbling, it was an epic fail. We tried different types of water, different temperatures, different bowls, we changed the polishes, tried different heights from the water. It just didn't work!

But undeterred, when I returned to London I was determined to try to learn the technique for the Follow a Tutorial prompt. Having failed on my own I turned to Youtube and came across Ashley Savage's video - The right and wrong way to do water marble nails. And I was on my way!

I'm still no expert, but these are the techniques that worked for me:
Newer polishes that were fairly runny.
A shallow bowl with room temperature water
Dropping the polish fairly close to the water - too high and it would drop to the bottom of the bowl and set.

The nails to the right of the picture were my first attempt. As I got to my second hand I had improved on the technique and tried to put two nails into the design if there was enough design to capture so the nails looked blended and similar to each other.

The polishes I used were:
Model's Own Coconut Cream - for the base and part of the marbling design
Topshop's Lacquered
Topshop's Prestige

What do you think of the look?


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