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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nailmas Day 2 - Ciate Snow Globe

Hello all! Do you ever paint your nails, and then straight away want to take it off as you have thought of another look for your nails? That's how I am feeling today, and it just so happens that I have another look for you! I got a Ciate Mini Month Calendar after advice from Aysh and Joanna who both said they were stocked in TK Maxx. So after work today I hot footed it there and found a bunch of calendars to choose from. Handily there is a selection of some of the polishes you will get inside on the back of the box, so I had an idea of what would be inside, and I chose the one I liked the look of. Another one had a base and top coat - and I have plenty of those, so would prefer different colours instead.

I am technically on Day 2 (but this is Door 1 of the calendar) of my Christmas Nail Art challenge, which I will hearby call 'Nailmas'. If you know of any other Nailmas challenge do let me know as I haven't heard of any and I have had a good search around on Twitter and Instagram too. Behind the first door was this mini polish called Snow Globe. It is a clear polish with iridescent flecks and glitters in it. It doesn't photograph so well, but looks so pretty with shades of green, yellow, and purple as it catches the light. I put it over two coats of this polish from No7 called Salsa.

So there you have it - Day 2 of the challenge. What do you think of the look and do you have a Ciate Advent calendar this month? If you do and you are blogging on posting the looks, link your details below.

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