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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Roasted red pepper pesto pasta - with Good Oil and Good Seeds

Today's recipe is one I have been making for a while now and is surprisingly quick and easy it's a good one for a weekday dinner. It has been adapted slightly from a Good Food magazine recipe from July 2013.

For the Good Food recipe and instructions you can visit here.

I've adapted it by adding some vegetarian-friendly hard cheese, some Good Oil and some Good Seeds, both of which I have received from the Good Hemp Food company to test out in recipes. The oil is a good substitute for olive oil though much lighter. I've also been trying this out in salad dressings too. The Good Seed Italian Herbs are good for a bit of added extra flavour with a healthy kick. I've been using these in stir fries and pastas too. They are a little like pine nuts and can also be eaten as a healthy snack.

I boiled the pasta, and while this was cooking I whizzed the roasted red peppers, garlic, nuts and parsley in a blender. When it was done I mixed in the cheese and the Good Seeds.

When the pasta was just done, I drained it, put it back in the pan and added the sauce on top. With the heat from the cooker still on, I mixed it together for a couple of minutes to heat the sauce through and melt the cheese.
And once done I served with some parsley on top. It's super tasty with some garlic bread for dinner, or just on its own for a light lunch. What's your favourite pesto recipe?

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