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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Natur Boutique Diet Tea

I hate Monday mornings - apart from the obvious Monday blues at work I nearly always forget to take a fresh pint of milk in to have a cuppa to start my day off. So if I forget to buy one - I can't have my wake-up tea! But I have started having some herbal and fruit teas at the ready for these times.
One of the ones I have stocked up on are these Diet Teas from Natur Boutique.

I've been having one every morning and despite how strong the tea bag smells, it only has a slight hint of a herby smell once it is made into tea. The instructions say to leave the tea bag to stew for 3-4 minutes, but I prefer a lighter taste and have been doing mine for up to 2 minutes and it tastes really good!

My colleague who loves her herbal tea also tried one and said she liked the taste - so it got the thumbs up from her too!

It contains organic green, organic pineapple, organic hibiscus and organic java teas - and it tastes like a sweet green tea. It is recommended as a diet tea, especially as green tea has weight loss properties and helps to stave off hunger, to help you lose weight in conjunction with a healthy diet and at least one cup a day is recommended. It is too early to say whether it has helped me to lose weight, but after having one every morning I feel more healthier - kind of like having hot water and lemon to start your day off, and mentally I am less likely to hit the snacks as I have been putting more effort in.

The company says the combination of ingredients together is recommended to help lose weight or reduce appetite - especially the java.

For more information visit: naturboutique.comHave you tried this range? What are your favourite herbal teas?

For more details on the tea, or to buy, ask at your local health store or visit

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