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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Primal Kitchen

In my bid to eat more healthily I have been looking at ways to cut down on snacking on junk food, especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I've been trying these bars from The Primal Kitchen. Handmade in the UK, each bar contains no more than five ingredients. And they are gluten-free, and free from refined sugar, soy, vegetable oil and and flavourings or additives. There are three bars in the range: Coconut and Macademia; Almond and Cashew; and Brazil Nut and Cherry.

I've been tucking into these when my energy was getting low during the day and I was surprised at how super tasty they were! They are densely packed with nuts and fruit and are full of flavour. They kept me feeling full for longer and satisfied.

A bit of background: they have been developed by nutritionist Suzie Walker, who wanted to make the paleo lifestyle and more accessible, which advocates 'eating the way our ancestors did' by giving up sugar, processed foods and grains and focusing instead on meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

They launched in March 2014 and cost £1.49 each. They are available from Ocado and The Primal Kitchen.

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