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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blueberry layer breakfast pot

Happy Sunday! What have you been up to this weekend? I am catching up on some blog reading today and will be thinking up some more recipe ideas for the week ahead.

This morning I wanted to show you one of my breakfast pot ideas I tried out a few days ago. I started out wanting to try a healthy cheesecake idea but got carried away with the blueberries and ended up with this!

Wandering the supermarket isles I came across these Digestive Lights, which have 30% reduced fat - always a winner with me. I crumbled these at the bottom of my glass, pushing them down so they were compact. On top of this I layered some yoghurt from Total Greek, which the lovely people at Fage sent me to try out some recipe ideas. This was also their new split pot and this time had raspberry and pomegranete. I layered a bit of this fruit compote before starting again with crumbled biscuit, Greek yoghurt and this time a home-made blueberry compote.

I didn't take any pictures of the finished compote, but this is one I made another time using a handful of berries, a couple of spoons of sugar, some water and a squeeze of lemon juice. For this breakfast pot I reduced the sauce down further so it was thicker.

And so I continued with the layers until the top which I put some raspberry and pomegranete, topped with flaked almonds and blueberries. This tasted super indulgent and like a breakfast and dessert in one. I didn't have enough time to finish this before I had to dash off for work, so I demolished the rest when I got home from work that day and it was soooo good!

What do you think of it? And what is your favourite breakfast recipe - do share! x

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