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Sunday, March 23, 2014

New: ecotools hairbrushes

Today's post is all about the new launch from ecotools'. Known for their range of make-up brushes, they have now also brought out these five new hairbrushes.

They are aimed to tame any hairstyle and each brush is tailored for a specific use. They are extra light weight to be easy on the arms when blow drying and you may also notice the slats, or Eco-Vent system, running through, which are aimed to help the hair dry 20% faster when blow drying. First off, I love the look of them, and as with their range of make-up brushes, they have a similar look and feel to them. They have been made with repurposed aluminium and renewable bamboo handles. So now on to the individual brushes themselves...

The Styler and Smoother has a half-round shape while the padded cushion smooths and detangles. This would be my go to brush for every-day styling.

The Smoothing Detangler also has a cushioned base and bristles that are good for detangling gently.

The Sleek and Shine Finisher - The synthetic boar hair bristles are designed to get down to the scalp, distributing the hair's natural moisturisers and leaving a shine.
This is the one I have also been using on my hair when it's dry, and I have noticed my hair feeling softer and shinier after its use.

The Full Volume Styler is the best for styling longer hair lengths and the round barrel is good for creating volume. At the launch event, celebrity hair stylist Nick Peters, used this brush on my hair to blow dry it and to create volume while curling my hair from mid-length to ends.

The Quick Volume Styler is recommended for styling short to medium hair, and the narrow design helps with blow drying quicker.

So there you have it, the full range. Which one do you like the look of?

The range will be available exclusively at Boots in April, though you can also find the brushes online for £10.99 each.


  1. Full Volume Styler is my fave! Glad you're back on the blogging scene lovely. Missed you! xx


    1. It's my fave too! I'm glad to be back! Getting back into the swing of it now. xxx


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