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Saturday, January 11, 2014

OPI Avojuices

With the harsh winter weather I am learning that a good moisturiser is key in keeping my hands moisturised. I have been trying out a few hand creams and these two, OPI Avojuices in Mango and Jasmine are my current favourites. I am loving the subtle fruity smells and they have been working a treat, especially on my cuticles.

They are described by OPI as fruit smoothies packed full of fruit juices to give your skin a drink of moisture.

It describes the Jasmine as:
A rich, alluring scent of blooming jasmine with a hint of citrus and violet, with smooth, rich moisturisers plus nourishing avocado and healing aloe extracts.

The Mango is:
Silky and juicy, Avojuice Mango Juicie treats your skin to a drink of smooth, rich moisturisers plus soothing avocado and aloe extracts - with irresistible scent of ripe, juicy mango.

I have the minis, but they also come in 200ml sizes. I prefer the 30ml sizes as they have been easy to pop into my handbag or travel bag and use on the go.

The jasmine normally retails for £2.25 for a 30ml bottle, but is currently on sale for £1.20 at The mango retails for £9.10 for a 200ml bottle.

Have you tried these? What is your favourite handcream?


  1. These look lovely! xx

  2. The AvoJuices are some of my favorite hand lotions! They moisturize so well without being greasy!



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