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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Diary - 12th January 2014

Happy Sunday all! I hope you have had a lovely day. I have had a chilling weekend catching up on blog reading, sorting out my beauty stash and TV programmes, namely Made in Chelsea. I had the whole series on Sky Plus, and watched the whole lot belatedly in a blitz when I was ill in bed.

Also this weekend I went for dinner at The Grill in Green Street, Upton Park, which does fab steaks and chips just as well as biryanis.

I have had a lot longer away from blogging than I anticipated, and I am catching up on posts I intended to publish a while ago, so bear with me while I get it all in order. I did go through my camera card and discovered I had taken a batch of photos a while ago but never posted them, so those will be coming up soon. I am wondering if to change up the content of the blog, and though I like the layout, I have been wanting to change the name of the blog for a while. I am hoping to be doing that quite soon once I get my domain sorted and work out how to switch it over.

With my new planner I have been working out a schedule of posts. The problem I have is that there is so much I want to get out there, that I get overwhelmed with it all and don't end up putting any of it out. Cue some procrastination then remembering I wanted to post. Instead of that, I have been doing a plan of when to post over the next few weeks, with specific types of posts for certain days. Lets stay hopeful and say I will stick to it.

How do you motivate yourself to post? Do you have a planner? And do you find it is easier to list/ plan what posts you want to put out?

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