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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Organic Pharmacy Rose Balm

Having been out of action for a while due to Asif having his back operation and me travelling between Maidenhead on weekends and London during the week I have had little time for anything else in the meantime. But during a few moments of downtime I thought I would show you this delightful Organic Pharmacy Rose Balm.

I have noticed the shop many a time, which is just off Oxford Circus, but never popped in until this event. It was to showcase the latest Rose Balm, which they claim will become your best friend. I didn't quite understand this until I started using it. It is a hard balm in a little pot, that melts slightly when you press into it. It has a lovely light rose smell too.

The best thing about it though is the amount of uses it has! Apart from the obvious slathering over dry lips, Organic Pharmacy had listed 19 other uses for the balm, from conditioning cuticles, taming eyebrows, mixing with lipstick to use as a lipgloss, to using as a pre-shampoo treatment to condition the scalp and to help remove eyelash glue. Ingenius!

I have been using this little pot of magic more as the winter months are drawing in and keep it on my desk at work. It is just a good balm to have handy when my hands are dry, I pop it onto my cuticles or any dry patches as the air conditioning tends to be on full blast in the office.

I would say the only draw back would be the price at £25 a pot, not the cheapest, but it has lasted me a good few months already, and would be a great ask for a present or stocking filler if you are preparing for Christmas already.

Have you tried this? What are your best beauty finds to fend off the harsh winter weather?


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  1. Loved this, but so expensive. xx



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