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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 Day 3: Yellow

Today's manicure was a yellow one. Now this was a colour I shied away from in recent years, but it seems lately this colour is everywhere and I have even picked up a few different yellows with the aim of using it for nail art.
Now this particular yellow I picked up last week and is from Seventeen in Lemon Tart. Though I like the colour itself, the polish gave me so much hassle. I painted three coats to get this consistency and it was still pretty streaky until I tried to even it out with a Seche Vite Top Coat. I think the brush is just too small - or not long enough to get deep inside the polish. If I rolled the bottle between my palms it helped make the polish more pliable, but it still wasn't the easiest to work with.

That aside, I was looking for inspiration today and went on the Fashion, Lifestyle and Bloggers Facebook group, and the lovely Mish from Mishmreow linked me to her blog. I saw some amazing designs on her blog that I want to feature for my upcoming Monday Manicure series, and spotted this particular gradient using salt and pepper polish.
I used a coat of LA Colors in Black Velvet on my tips, which makes them look like bees, then used L'Oreal Color Riche in Confetti about halfway and then the tips. I did streak the black, but that aside I do quite like the effect, though it doesn't look as classy as Mish's, I will have another go next time.

What do you think of the colour combination and design?


  1. I love that yellow! It's beautiful!!

  2. This mani just looks so lovely! I definitely want to give it a go.

  3. Glad to hear that I gave somebody a little bit of inspiration :3 Sorry for taking ages to reply to this. Saw it a while ago by was busy :3

  4. OMG!!! This mani is so pretty. Love the color combos and the design. You def did the right choice of making this mani. Love it!


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