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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outfit of the day - Pink sari

This is the sari I wore to a wedding - and considering it was my first time wearing a sari - it held up pretty well!

Eid Mubarak to anyone celebrating Eid today! This Ramadan has been so long - long days coupled with the earlier heatwave made for difficult fasting, but we got through it! Last night for Chaand Raat (Translated as night of the moon - night before Eid) Asif and I went to Green Street in east London to do window shopping, and take in the atmosphere.
There was a good party atmosphere and nearly every shop had girls doing mehndi. Looked very pretty.

So now to this outfit, I don't have a picture of my Eid outfit as I will be wearing that later but thought I would show you this outfit that I actually wore quite a while back but just found the pictures for. It is a pink sari that my mum got especially made for me from Pakistan as one of my wedding presents last year.

I love the deep shade of pink with the gold/ silver embroidery along the border. It is dressy without being over the top. Being a sari-tying novice my mum got this made with a belt so the sari stays in place with the help of some hooks at belt level. Recommended!

I wore pinks and purples on my eyes from Urban Decay, and wore my hair in a bun thanks to a bun donut from Sleep in Rollers. I wore bangles a mixture of what I had picked up from Southall, and what my in-laws gave to me for my engagement, and the silver jewellery is from my auntie, which was a birthday present last year. I love the jhoombar worn on the side of the head, which comes out for weddings and parties. The perfect edition for a bun me thinks!

What do you think of the outfit? Can you recommend any other bun donuts?


  1. Saf you look so beautiful in this sari! Stunning! Loving your eye make up too! X

  2. I am not indian but I love the indian sari, it always looks very glamorous and beautiful! the colors are also very great for celebrations and special occasions.

    I love your blog! and your hair looks fabulous here.

    Balsam -


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