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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bloggers do battle - Vapor Blasters


My husband is a Nerf blogger, I need to preface this post with this to explain why a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings were running around Hyde Park with Vapor Blasters shooting each other. Asif got sent a bunch of blasters and water pellets to review and we roped in some blogger friends, Joanna, Kacper, Aysha, Aysh, Grace, Banke and decided to turn it into a picnic and a battle. What we didn't account for was:

A - That rain can potentially dampen a picnic and a water fight - but thanks to Kacper we decided to stick it out  and the rain passed, leaving us with the most glorious sunshine.

B - How much fun it would actually be!

C - Just how vicious those bloggers can get when in a battle - I'm looking at you Aysha and Joanna! Don't let their height and sweet faces fool you - they are quick!

So we were the first to get these new Vapor Blasters, which hadn't been released in the UK yet, and the aim was to try out the four different types - Atlas, Delta Sport Atlas, Delta Blaster, Delta Sport. I personally liked the mid-size ones - Delta Sport - easy to load up, hold and shoot. I found the pellets got stuck in the smaller and biggest blaster more quickly, but this could be as much down to technique as anything else as Asif found them easy to use.

The pellets themselves were great. We had about 4,000 between us (they cost about £10 for 1,000 on eBay), and they are like little gel capsules filled with water that burst on impact, but this only gives a tiny burst of water - no chance of getting totally soaked.

They were pretty easy to load up, just went into the bullet compartment, locked shut and you were ready to go. I prefer these to Nerf blasters as you don't have the chunky bullets which you have to search for afterwards, or water fighting, as lets face it, if girls have made the effort to get dressed up we really don't want to get soaked.

And we had loads of people stopping and watching our battle fascinated by the blasters. It definitely got the thumbs up from us! Are you into Nerf/ blasters? What's your best way to cool off on a hot day?

*Pictures were taken by me and Asif, and also courtesy of Joanna and Banke.

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