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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tweezerman event

I bought my first pair of Tweezerman tweezers eight years ago, along with a magnified mirror that sticks to my bathroom mirror. I have never needed to buy any other tweezers, as I love the look of them for starters - pink - and I can get them sharpened for free.
So when I was recently invited to a Tweezerman event at The Groucho Club to celebrate the launch of some new products from the range I was intrigued to see what else they had coming out. They had some more magnifying mirrors, which are ideal for seeing those stray hairs, and they had a range of patterned mini tweezers which were funky. I also loved the rose-gold eyelash curlers shown above. But it was the range below I was most interested in.
There are two new gold items - the cuticle cutter, and slant tweezers, which were beautiful! The tweezers are exclusive to Harrods, so get yourself down there if you are a gold fiend.
But take a look at the diamante tweezers! I LOVE them! They are not cheap at £79, but if you want to add a special item to your beauty collection, this would be it, and like I said before, you only need one of these tweezers for life, as you can get them sharpened for free.

Which is your favourite out of the collection? And how much would you pay for a pair of tweezers?

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  1. I always pick a pair of the mini tweezerman paw tweezers up in Boots and never go through with the purchase! You may have persuaded me. I always just buy the cheap ones like the Boots own ones but they can be difficult to get the smaller hairs. x x


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