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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tweezerman event

I bought my first pair of Tweezerman tweezers eight years ago, along with a magnified mirror that sticks to my bathroom mirror. I have never needed to buy any other tweezers, as I love the look of them for starters - pink - and I can get them sharpened for free.
So when I was recently invited to a Tweezerman event at The Groucho Club to celebrate the launch of some new products from the range I was intrigued to see what else they had coming out. They had some more magnifying mirrors, which are ideal for seeing those stray hairs, and they had a range of patterned mini tweezers which were funky. I also loved the rose-gold eyelash curlers shown above. But it was the range below I was most interested in.
There are two new gold items - the cuticle cutter, and slant tweezers, which were beautiful! The tweezers are exclusive to Harrods, so get yourself down there if you are a gold fiend.
But take a look at the diamante tweezers! I LOVE them! They are not cheap at £79, but if you want to add a special item to your beauty collection, this would be it, and like I said before, you only need one of these tweezers for life, as you can get them sharpened for free.

Which is your favourite out of the collection? And how much would you pay for a pair of tweezers?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Outfit post - Italian jewellery

Last month I went to Italy for mine and Asif's wedding anniversary. While out there I picked up some jewellery. It would be impossible to go on holiday and not pick some up. I bought this from Mercato Centrale in Florence - a bustling market area with streets full of goods. A great place to pick up anything from leather goods to picture souvenirs. I spotted these turquoise pieces of jewellery and haggled for ages before settling on a price. The lady said she liked me so gave me an extra pair of earrings, which were lovely too.

I dragged Asif out for an impromptu photo session on our way to lunch to picture the photographs - note - never expect more than two minutes for photos when your designated photographer is hungry. I took my Segue Italian bag out for another outing. I am saving it for days out as it easily picks up dirt.

What is your favourite piece? Have you been to Italy? Where would you say is the best for shopping?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hydrate your skin with the Dove moisturising range

I love spring, the sunshine and warm weather, especially after the never-ending winter we have just had. But if, like me, you have kept wrapped up over the winter and maybe not given your skin the attention it deserves, you will certainly need to hydrate it if you are planning on getting those pins out. My only antidote to the harsh, cold weather has been amping up the central heating, which can play havoc with my skin, drying it out. With the recent sunny weather I have been turning back to my moisturisers to see where I can get a quick burst.

I was set these Dove lotions a while ago, and they have been a life-saver recently. They are all designed for dry or damaged skin and are perfect for those dry elbows and knees. My favourite has been the Dove Intensive Hand Cream. I tend to paint my nails a lot, which means using a lot of nail polish remover, which dries out my cuticles. I have been trying out this hand cream, and I like that it's not greasy and sinks into the skin well without leaving a residue. I have been keeping this on my desk at work, and like that it doesn't take long to absorb into the skin before I am back on the phone or typing. It has shea butter in it and smells lovely, which is a bonus!

The Dove Silky Beauty Body Cream is thick, and is good for extra dry skin. But my favourites were the Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion and the Dove Intensive Nourishing Lotion, because they were so easy to use, and it didn't take long too apply and for it to be absorbed before I could dress.

And I have to give a mention to the Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash. It contains shea butter and warm vanilla, which sounds delicious in itself. Asif said was his favourite of the lot. Yes, I made him test them all out too, but he said the bodywash was his favourite. He even ditched his own to steal mine. Think I will have to claim it back.

What are your dry skin tips? And how do you hydrate your skin?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Essie We're In It Together

My latest nail polish obsession is the lush Essie We're In It Together pictured here. I got this in my latest Glossybox but only picked it up from my parents house this weekend, and already rocking it on my nails. It is the perfect shade of pretty pale pink with minuscule specks of blue powder in it that gives it depth. It's a cute colour to rock on your nails in this gorgeous sunny weather and still work appropriate.
Have you got this colour? And what is your favourite colour to wear on your nails in sunny weather?
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