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Monday, April 22, 2013

Outfit post - New Look print maxi dress

What a gorgeous weekend we had in London. We were lucky enough to have two gorgeous sunny days, and if you saw my last post you will see that I spent them having a BBQ. But before I did Asif and I went to our nearby park to get some rays of sunshine before picking up supplies from the shops.

Ring from Bees, Green Street, London

I decided to wear this orange print maxi dress from New Look with a peach cardigan, also from New Look. As it is so low cut I wore a vest top under it too. I wore my hair up using a bun ring from Sleep-In Rollers, my favourite for a messy updo.
I thought I would also show you one of my purchases from my recent trip to Florence, this buttery soft beige bag, I love the feel of it, and it's small enough not to tote everything around, while still carrying my essentials and camera.

 It's my first outfit post (eek!) so go easy on me please! And any tips/ advice would be welcome.


  1. I love this dress on you! I love maxi’s they will never go out of fashion for me. I like the bag too. Glad you made the most of the sunshine x

    1. Thank you Aysh! I bought this for our trip to Florence, and luckily the weather was sunny enough to wear it here too! xx

  2. Glad you did this, tired of the stick-insects posting all the time! Good to see a real woman for a change. The maxi dress is brilliant, I'm adding it to my wardrobe today! Keep up the great work, always a fan, Joanie :)

    ps. Look forward to the next post!

    1. Thank you! Though I have been avoiding doing these kinds of posts for nearly two years as didn't feel comfortable with outfit posts.
      Glad you like the dress too! It's very flattering for fuller figures, so will be making the most of it this summer. xx

  3. Fantastic post Safira.

    You look absolutely gorgeous and the day looks fantastic! I agree, maxi goes with this weather so well, I love the bag! Segue are an Italian fashion boutique - very jealous!! Our trip to Florence was a bit of a hash, we had done research but I don't know what happened, we just didn't know how to get around to seeing everything. Did you have a rep plan everything?

    It's real Italian leather so be sure not to make the same mistake as me and use it as a everyday bag :( It picks up grime rather easy!

    Look forward to the next post indeed Joanie, I agree it's nice to see a plus model!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the comments. It is always so nerve-wracking to do something like this if you are not 100% comfortable, but glad I did in this instance.

      I love the bag too! But the downside like you said is that it picks up dirt easily. I made the mistake of wearing it to work for two days and it picked up what you can see in the picture, so will reserve it for days out. And the other bags they had in the shop were gorgeous! So will search them out next time I am there.

      Sorry about your trip to Florence :( It can be a bit hit and miss unless you know where to go. We didn't have a rep, but the staff at the hotel were good and gave us some useful advice and we got a guidebook beforehand to plan where to go. We didn't go everywhere but just picked out some key places we wanted to go like the Duomo, Piazalle Michelangelo, Uffizi, Fiesole, and Pisa. x

  4. Love the maxi dress and post! The dress really suits you hun x

    Where abouts did you get that ring?? Have a wedding and those would go absolutely perfect with our peach bridesmaid dresses. This girls on a mission tonight to pick some up xx

    1. Thank you Sarah! The ring is from a jewellery shop called Bees in Green Street, East Ham. But it was from a while ago, so I doubt they will still have it. I will have to check if they have anything similar next time I go there. Forever 21 usually has a good range of ring bling that might be suitable. x

  5. Ciara, Washington DCApril 23, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Girl love the whole outfit!

    You are so pretty, you should do more fashion outfit posts! Maxi is definitely the one never to die any summer - or any generally speaking. You can mix it up with flats or heels for the evening. Customising with jewellery is so much fun too.

    Stay happy and gorgeous honey!


  6. You look fab fab FAB! Gorgeous dress and I love your hair!

    P.S. Asif did good on photos! X


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