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Saturday, March 2, 2013

RapidShield eyelash conditioner

I have never made too much of a fuss over my eyelashes, I rarely use anything to condition them beyond Vaseline, though I have noticed them looking more dry and sparse than they were previously, especially my bottom lashes.  When I was invited to the launch of RapidShield eyelash conditioner, from  the makers of RapidLash, I was intrigued. I had heard so many good things about RapidLash, so was certain their new product would be just as good.

The conditioner comes with a brush, much like a mascara brush, and the product is a clear gel that you apply by brushing through your top and bottom lashes morning and night. It aims to improve the overall appearance of your lashes, but can act as a primer before you put your mascara on. I have just read you can apply it on top of mascara to perk them up too and add some shine, which is always welcome.

I'm always interested in seeing what ingredients are in products, and what difference they make, and in this case there is sodium hyaluronate to help hydrate your lashes, and panthenol to help lock in the moisture. The combination of the two is meant to improve elasticity and prevent breakage/damage.

After using RapidShield for a week I started seeing results and after about a month I have noticed less fallout than before. Considering they were quite sparse before they look more fuller and defined now. RapidShield won't stimulate growth, but works with the lashes already there, but I did feel my lashes were more noticeable than before I started using this. And they feel softer and look more shiny. I haven't been wearing mascara as much during the day and reserving it more for going out as I wanted to see the effects of the conditioner. And my sister (who has amazingly long eyelashes, that I am sooo jealous of!) even asked what I had been doing to my eyelashes, so I think it is a visible difference, as well as the physical softness.

Have you tried RapidShield? What do you use to condition your lashes?

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