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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Ceramic Tongs

I usually wear my hair straight, but I love a curl because it always makes me feel a little more dressed up, and adds some lovely volume to my locks. So I was keen to test out these gorgeous Nicky Clarke DesiRED curling tongs. They are part of a collection, which includes a blow dryer and ceramic straightners in normal and wide, and aims to use the latest technology so that you can get a salon look at home. In particular the ceramic plates in the straightner and tongs give a sleek finish.
The tongs were in a glossy red, which I loved the look of, and have a total of eight different heat settings from 150 - 230˚C. I loved that I could change the heat settings myself, as I hate it when I can sometimes smell my hair burning when I have barely had time to curl my hair. It is also handy to be able to adjust the heat if you would prefer to curl your hair on a lower setting to protect your hair and if you are using a heat protector spray which works up to a lower heat. I loved the LCD screen for this and being able to easily adjust the levels.
I did initially have a concern that the little clasp to clip the ends of your hair into to keep them in place was a little smaller than I am used to, but after I had done a few strands I got used to it, so it wasn't too much of an issue afterwards.
I have tried a variety of styles with these tongs; for softer waves I have thicker strands and used my fingers to brush through to separate them. For more defined tighter curls I curled thiner strands at a time and sprayed them with hairspray to keep them in place. I have found that it is easier to curl on hair washed the day before, and if I don't use a finishing product, like a hairspray after I have curl my hair it keeps in place for about four to six hours before becoming a looser wave. The curl holds for much longer, and keeps its shape with a finishing product to help it.

The DesiRED Ceramic Tongs are £22.99. What do you use to curl your hair?


  1. Love that it has so many heat settings! Prevents the inevitable heat damage

    Chantelle @ Mixed Beauty

    1. This is so true. I love that you can control it yourself. Definitely one of the plus points with this. x

  2. The curls look cute, and I love that the curls stayed in so long, mine start falling out instantly! x

    1. I know what you mean. If you are going to spend so long curling your hair it should stay in. I think the spray helped keep it in place, but the curl itself was more defined with these tongs too. x


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