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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sorelle - non-alcoholic wine

For those who don't know, I am a Muslim and I don't drink alcohol. That's fine by me - what you have never had you never miss. But to my amusement this has baffled my friends. One in particular finds great pleasure in trying to make me feel like I fit in when we go out or at dinner parties. I have to point out that I have never felt out of place in either of these situations as I am often not the only one not drinking as currently one of my friends is pregnant, and another is breastfeeding, or often at least one is not drinking as they are the designated driver that night, so it has never been an issue. But my friend Jenny goes out of her way when we are out to find me non-alcoholic beer, or if I have blackcurrant and soda, she asks for it to be put into a wine glass, so I can still feel like I am drinking (!).
There are plenty of soft-drink options out there, but for something a little bit more special there aren't many options and I often end up having Shloer. In January I was contacted by the makers of Sorelle and asked to take part in their Dry January challenge of trying out their non-alcoholic range of wines while not drinking. Well, as I don't drink anyway this wasn't much of a challenge, so I agreed to try them out anyway and give my opinion on them as an alternative for a non-drinker.
As I couldn't compare it to wine I roped in some friends to give their opinion over a dinner party. Personally, my favourite was the rosé one, which for me was amazing! It's a good alternative to other soft drinks that you can have and it has a great taste. My friends were impressed too. One is currently breastfeeding and is off the wine, and said she is fed up with not being able to drink, but didn't feel like this was alcohol-free. Her favourite was the Sauvignon Blanc flavour, which she said smelled just like the real thing, and tasted like it too. Thumbs up from the non-drinker as well as the drinkers!

The lowdown:
* It's ideal if you are a non-drinker like me, can't drink because you are driving that night, pregnant or breastfeeding as it has 0% alcohol - so you can have the taste and still be guilt free.
* It only has 24 calories per 100ml - so you can still stick to those New Year resolutions if you are watching the calories.
* It still looks like wine, smells and tastes like it, and my friends said they would still feel sociable drinking this at a dinner party even if they were the only ones not drinking alcohol.

A bottle of Sorelle costs £3.49 at Tesco.

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  1. Oo this sounds really interesting. I’ve tried the non-alcoholic cocktails they sell in Tesco, you should check those out too. x

    1. I have never tried those, but will check them out. I am always on the lookout for new drinks. x


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