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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nail art challenge - Day #6 - your favourite colour

So I am back with another nail art challenge look. I am a little behind, but carrying on regardless. Day #6 is your favourite colour family, and mine is pink, judging from all the pinks I have. I decided to keep it simple for this design as I wanted to try out a new effect.
I painted two coats of Rimmel Urban Princess. I love this, as it is so long lasting, the brush is wide, and it makes painting so easy. And the shade gives enough of a pop of colour to be girly without being too neon. For my ring finer I went for two coats of Violet Couture from Bourjois. This again is a beautiful colour, but in a berry/ wine shade that reminds me of winter.
I did toy with the idea of doing dots, but deicded to give my Essie Matte About You a whirl. I have wanted to try this for ages, and have heard good things about it. I was looking forward to trying it, but these probably weren;t the best shades to try it out with as it didn't show as much as I thought it would.

I painted across the tip and the base. It's a subtle look, but I like it. Next time I will try it with a glossy back and see how that looks.

Have you got this polish? What other effects have you tried?


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