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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nail art challenge - Day #10 - Geometric

Today's nails are a little different - something that in my head looked amazing, and then on my nails didn't translate as well. Well, practice makes perfect. Day #10 of the challenge was geometric, and I had some funky ideas. I wanted it to be multicoloured, but with uneven squares. I painted the colours on first, then went between them with a Models Own Wah pen in black.
The overall look is colourful, but very messy, and I have just noticed a random piece of fluff on one of the nails (?!) If I do it again I won't use the tip of the nail art pen, but the brush. Anyway, this was just a quick one as I am off to central London to spend a weekend with the girls, so I wanted to have something timed while I am away, so next time I will try it again, but with the brush. I like the colour effect though, and it matches the top I am wearing today. Tomorrow is splatter. Never done this before either, but I love that the challenge is all about trying new things. I hope you have a good weekend!


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