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Sunday, January 27, 2013

When blog jealousy turns malicious

He drew the banner himself in MS Paint. Do you like it?!
This post is a bit of a move away from my usual posts, but something I wanted to touch on in light of recent events. I have been blogging now for almost two years and have not had much controversy aimed at me, though I have seen plenty of negativity aimed at others over this time. I wasn't going to say anything until this morning when I realised this negativity isn't aimed solely in the beauty and fashion world.

I bought my husband Asif his first Nerf gun blaster two months ago for his birthday, a week later he set up his own blog, My Last Dart, as he had seen me blogging for so long and he wanted to try it out too. In the seven weeks he has been doing his blog it has grown astronomically, and been invited to toy fairs and product launches in New York, Italy, Japan, and Australia. He is now one of the top two bloggers in this field in the UK, and is sponsored by the company that makes the product.

But sometimes with success comes jealousy, and today we discovered, after weeks of another 'fellow' blogger trying to get in on the action, this other blogger had bought two domain names and which both referred back to his own website, with the supposed aim of taking My Last Dart's traffic. We even discovered the culprits boasting about this in a forum. After Asif outed him in a blog post, and received a lot of support from his own community, with touching comments about them having been bullied, as well as people demanding he take the post down, the culprit admitted what he had done and claimed it was a prank.

Obviously Nerf is a different community to the one I am part of and know, but the question still arises, how do you handle negativity and even bullying in the community you are part of and people telling you what to do on your blog? Ultimately a blog is your own space to do as you please. And over the past few weeks I have seen many comments on Twitter about people saying what they think a blog should be, how bloggers should conduct themselves, how they can give a bad name to other bloggers, and how you effectively have to play by the 'rules'.

But I don't believe anyone else can tell you what to do or try to take over your space. Surely you created your blog for a reason and purpose? So do what you want to do with it. Sure, ask for advice if you want it and need it, but ultimately it's up to you what you do with your blog.

What do you think?

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