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Monday, January 7, 2013

Detox challenge

January blues, getting over the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s and resolutions for the coming year. How many of you have vowed never to drink again, or to go without junk food, or even chocolate? Well many of you may be doing a detox to cleanse your body and system, and you will be in good company as today is the start of National Detox Week. Ah yes, we as a nation are joining forces to help each other stay on the straight and narrow to get healthy, if for only a week at least.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen my very excited Tweets and pictures of the new Juicer I got through the post on Friday. Philips has sent me this to help with the juice detox challenge, as well as a stackload of fruit and veg. Imagine my face when I got home and saw more fruit and veg for the first three days of the challenge than I would usually have in a year. I kid you not. I am very bad at eating fruit, and made a resolution to eat more. I just didn’t think I would be eating so much in one go. I also had lots of things to help make the juices from wheatgrass to spirinula. I have never heard of it before, and had to prod it to see it was ok for human consumption.

In my excitement, I tried to put the juicer together without reading the instruction booklet, and failed miserably. In stepped Asif and put it together with one click *hanging my head in shame* and in our giddiness to get healthy juiced up four apples and four carrots in one go. Asif saw the resultant juice and walked off shouting back “enjoy!” Now, I thought he would be a good husband and at least help me with the challenge by taste testing the stuff first, and if it was nice (judging by his face, and reaction) I might have it too, but it seems like I am in this alone.
It turns out the juice was actually really nice, and I bottled it up to have the next day, though I am not sure how long fresh juice lasts for, so maybe don’t do that as I might get sued if you die after following my advice. And Asif laughed when I was dismantling it and said “good luck cleaning it all!” It turns out the pulp was all collected in a ring around the sides, which I just had to wash out.
Anyway, this is just an initial post to let you know about the challenge, and to explain why I seem to be suddenly getting all healthy on social networks. If you are doing the challenge let me know so we can at least encourage each other – I need more willpower! Now where is that wheatgrass and spirinula….?


  1. Wowzers thats a lot of apples!! lol Its such a good idea though! Great way to get some nutrients back into the system. Is it one juice a day or more? Good luck with it! I'll be following your updates on twitter :-)

    1. I know! I was like, what do I do with them all?! but I am working my way through them. I just need to post some more pictures. It's juices throughout the day, but difficult to make them and take them to work. Goign to try flasks tomorrow. x


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