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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beauty tip #9 - Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Today I have some more skincare-related tips to get you through what is left of winter. I have been speaking to Jane Scrivner, a beauty and health expert who has written nine books on detox. She has 21 years experience of working in the skincare and therapy industry and tried treatments from around the world from being jetted with ice cold water at the Kneipp School of Thermo Therapy in Germany to learning crystal healing in Mexico.

I asked her for her best winter skincare recommendations and she said: "Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate." Jane said despite the heating being on, the air being crisp and our bodies being wrapped and bound our skin will be steadily drying out, so this is the time to exfoliate.

"It’s not just about removing dead skin, it’s about stimulating circulation, it’s about toning your arms
whilst sloughing your skin and it’s about increasing absorbency of your skin care products," she said.

"Exfoliation helps keep your skin looking younger and your skin care products working harder, there’s little point applying expensive products onto dead skin to simply ‘sit’ on the surface, exfoliation gets the optimum results for the minimum of efforts."

But Jane said however you choose to do it - do not over do it. You should do it regularly and lightly, little and often to keep on top of the 'project' and to get under the skin. And she recommended using brushes, gloves, mitts, salts or scrubs and work towards the heart as much as you can.

"Do a little each day so that you have done the whole lot by the end of each week and see just how amazingly soft and toned your skin becomes. Don’t forget the face, go gently and see your complexion glow.

"If there’s one thing you should resolve to do this year it’s to introduce exfoliation!"

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  1. Great tip! I often forget about exfoliation during winter months, I'll do it more regularly from now on! X

    1. Same here! It's funny how you can neglect things like this because it is cold and it's so much more comfortable to stay wrapped up. x


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