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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauty tip #7 - Moroccan oil

Today's beauty tip has come from former model Nell McAndrew, who has released a fitness DVD.

She recommends using an oil in your hair to keep it hydrated, but don't put too much to avoid it weighing down your hair. She recommends using it after you have washed, while styling.

She said: "For soft hair try Moroccan Oil. It tames my hair from its natural frizzy state. For an evening out I finish with maximum hold hairspray. For my lips I choose a gloss that's very hydrating, and I prefer neutral shades. And for my face I use Elemis pro collagen marine cream, which is my favourite moisturiser."

She added: "For me healthy eating is key. I don't like eating too much meat and I always try to be prepared with packed lunches to avoid high salt levels in bought food. I usually eat avocado and tomato sandwiches for lunch and a variety of nuts and dark chocolate as a snack."

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  1. Moroccanoil is my holy grail product. I use it almost every day especially when blowdrying my hair as it quickens up the process – does anyone else find this? I think hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. I also find it good to use on my hair extensions Kate x


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