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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beauty tip #15 - Fitness celebrity Rachel Evans' top tips

For today's beauty tip I spoke to Rachel Evans, a fitness celebrity and founder of Make Over Essex fitness and beauty makeovers. She talked to me about her makeup artist tips for great skin and makeup products for staying beautiful and radiant during the January months through to the spring/summer bikini season.

Rachel Evans from Make Over Essex
For day to night makeup tips:

*Always use a base for makeup and always prep your skin properly for make up. Then add a primer like Prep and Prime by MAC or a high SPF tinted moisturiser like Dermalogica. Opt for non -greasy light coverage which will sink into skin quickly.
Do remember to exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells which dull the skin. Try a fruit scrub like Papaya Enzyme Elemis product which is light and not too harsh for sensitive winter skin.

After moisturising your face use a concealer to hide blemishes and any imperfections. I use Touch Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent, or you can budget buy from Revlon Photoready  concealer is good coverage. You can use concealer instead of foundation like I do. Especially redness can be toned down around the nose mouth lines. Apply under dark circles and then lightly dust the whole face with a mineral powder. A good one I use is Bodyography which is light reflective and so natural you can sleep in it. Or party till the early hours and still look groomed.  

Then apply bronzer to the face where the sunlight hits the face including cheekbones apples of cheeks then t-zone forehead and nose bridge. I think bronzer is good as it is more natural looking than a pink blusher which in harsh daylight can look too doll-like.

Next do your eyes with a volumising mascara like Dior Show for instant two coats glam volume or budget buy Maybelline Collossal for daytime which is amazing for instant build up for a natural to fake lash look, depending on how many coats you apply. Both products do not clog, but if any stray lashes get clogged take an old mascara wand and comb through lashes. Keep lower lashes clean and mascara free.   
For a day to night mascara look use mascara on the lower lashes and then finish eyes with a smoky eye look- use a MAC or Maybelline kohl pencil on the inside of they eyes.  

Finally, for daytime lips use a sheer lipstick and for night go for colour.  MAC pigment lipsticks are fashionable now, I use pink lemonade lipgloss. It has mirror-sheen staying power and only needs reapplying twice. For the brave, opt for a high pigment MAC lipstick like Nicky Minaj. Or for an understated night-time nude lip go for a natural Bardot pout just add a nude tone gloss for high shine glamour. Mac does the best nude lipsticks.
REMEMBER, smile and be confident. Do once a day touch ups at lunchtime, and if going from day to night -  just add the khol eye liner and lip color for an instant evening glam look.
You should wear your make up it should not wear you! 
Rachel's website is: and you can find her on Twitter at @MakeOverEssex


  1. I liked your idea of using fruit scrubs. Sometimes the products for skin care cannot be afforded by people who don't like to spend to much money on them.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    1. There's loads of cheaper alternatives out there for scrubs and masks, and many you can make yourself. I'm glad you liked it. x

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