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Monday, January 14, 2013

Beauty tip #13 - winter beauty tips

Today's tip is all about beauty tips for the winter and different ways to look your best. I spoke to Kerie Hoy, the UK master trainer for Billion Dollar Brows and an advanced beautician, about her tried and tested tips.

“I love January , so simple and clean, and yet you can still glam up, as lip colours can stay strong . You can keep your complexion clean, and the lips strong. Make sure to wear hydrating lip balms under the lipgloss, as this weather is so drying.  For glamour in seconds, try using Artdeco matt lipsticks and Dermalogica climate control for lips.
"For keeping skin hydrated throughout this season, I love Glam Glo exfoliation, which gives superb skin within minutes. Why not soak in a hot bath first as the skin will be steamed , soft and glowing?"
And she said in the spirit of detoxing her favourite tip was to try a weight-loss treatment. She personally recommended the Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap. She said: "This wrap is for breaking down the fats in the body , and it really works, as tried and tested by myself. When the oils are used on the body, you are then wrapped in a strong film that is only used with this wrap. For an hour, the body is wrapped in warm heated blankets and the fat is broken down - you lose inches and as long as you keep your diet healthy , this wrap will carry on working."
She also said that tans were "so last year" during the winter, and this will carry on throughout the year. "Pale skin is much better, just with a light glow, and the skin should be natural.  Mineral make up is still fantastic. Even better you can sleep in it !"
Do you have any favourite winter beauty tips?

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