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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beauty feature #1

January is a month to start over, and for many, to make resolutions about things you would like to improve on for the coming year. I have many things I would like to improve, and every New Year make a long list that is often forgotten about by week three.
This year I want to keep it simple. Nothing more than eat healthier, eat more fruit, get fitter, and look after my skin and hair. My hair has got really dry, so this is a big factor I want to work on for the next few months to get it back into a healthier condition.

On this note, as many people do set new challenges, and look to try new things from this month I wanted to run a month of beauty on my blog. A post a day with a tip, or advice from beauty bloggers and beauty experts/ companies. I have some good ones lined up for you, but if you would like to submit any to me, then do email me at safira.ali (at), or you can tweet me at @safira786.

I will kick off with one of my tips.
One of my earliest memories from when I was younger was about having long, dark healthy thick hair. This was no coincidence, women in my family have not been genetically blessed with the thickest hair, so we had to help it along some what. I do remember when I was younger my grandmother used to massage mine and my sisters' scalps regularly - every few days to a week - with oil. Now, it wasn't expensive oil, more often than not it was almond or coconut oil, and if you are Asian you will have heard of Amala Oil, which was used if we had it around the house. It's a tradition on the Asian continent that has been passed down, and Indian head massages are not a fluke. Massaging your scalp, like you would any other part of the body, stimulates the blood flow and encourages growth. Massaging the oil - and not too much or too heavy - conditions the hair. If we wanted a deep treatment we would plait it tight and leave it overnight, but often just massaging it in and washing it out well was enough.

These days, I have slacked from doing this regularly, and it is something I do want to take up again. Now there are all sorts of oils including Moroccan Oil, to oils in conditioners and treatments that do just a good a job. My advice would be to use an oil of some form, and definitely give that scalp a good massage!

How do you keep your hair looking healthy, and do you use any oils on your hair?


  1. I have had Amla oil sitting in my room for almost a year and I haven't touched it! I always have the intention to but just forget! I will be getting it out again, I need those thick luscious locks!

    1. I have had this one in my room for months, and just found it during a clear out. I haven't used it since I was younger, so I am keen to try it again. Do the same as me and get it out and get using it! x

  2. This Agadir range is the best! :) I love how it smells and my hair is so nourished after using it! You may be surprised Safira, but for the past 2 years Polish girls went CRAZY in terms of oiling their hair. I got at least a dozen of questions from my girlfriends back home if I can check if their particular oil brand is available in the UK! So thanks for the tip of the Amla Oil! X

    1. I'm still to try out the Adagir range. I have loads of it now!
      Really? That explains why your hair looks so good!! Let me know which brand you use, might have to test run some. x


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