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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MAC contour brush

Confession - I am new to contouring. Never had I ventured near a contour brush until I got this one from MAC. I know some people love contouring, and some go without, and although I had tried it with other brushes, it wasn't the same as when I tried it with this one.

The 168 brush is a fluffy brush with a big rounded top that is easy to work with. It picks product up easily, but it can easily be tapped off if too much is applied.

I started off with a light amount and worked more along my cheekbone to build up a natural-looking contour. No one wants a bruised looking cheek - so go easy with the product!
I have naturally round (read - 'round') cheeks so a contour was welcome to give a bit of definition.

I admit I probably won't contour for everyday make-up, but it has definitely made it into my make-up bag for when I have a bit more time and want to make a bit more of an effort.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week review 21

Hello lovelies!
Have you had a good week? I have been alternating between sunning myself in this gorgeous heatwave and finishing moving house. I think we are just about moved into our new place, and now have the mammoth task of unpacking and setting our belongings. We are super-pleased with the area we have moved to, which is a lot nicer than the last place and area we were in.
One thing about the sunny weather, I feel a lot more laid back and lazy. And it affects my routine also. Instead of blow drying and straightening my hair I went for the natural curly look. Although by the time this photo was taken the curls had relaxed. I am naturally curly, but just put a bit of Catwalk Fashionista Big and Bigger volumizing foam and label.m Sea Salt Spray to enhance my natural curls. Both helped keep my curls in all day. One thing I find when I let my hair dry naturally is that the weight of the curls drags my hair down and relaxes the curls, but if I pin sections of hair up and let it dry, the bottom two-thirds of my hair turn out much more curlier. Not sure if this works for anyone else.

I am loving how my skin looks with a tan. I do tend to tan very easily, and like the golden glow. I am also making the most of using my bronzers, and especially shimmery bronze eyeshadows, which I wouldn't normally venture near, but the sunny weather makes it feel ok. I also went for a lighter foundation look to my usual MAC Studio Fix foundation - which is great for full coverage, but when it is as sunny as it was today it does feel like my face is caked in make-up. I have been trying to find the bottle of foundation I used this morning, but can't find it now. But it was from Boujois, and gives a sheer dewy look, which is perfect for this weather.
I have also been trying out the tribal look today with this fab necklace, which I will post about later this week, plus some other ways you can get the tribal look.

Anyway, that's it from me for now.  Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather. x

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving on… and why I hate the Olympics.

Moving on is not always easy to do, and it certainly doesn’t help when you do not have long to adjust to it.

Over the weekend I was given notice by my landlord to leave my property of two years so that he can rent it out over the Olympics. The cheeky bit was that he backdated the notice by a month. It was the latest in a catalogue of events that drained me from even trying to argue it.
But after a weekend of visiting estate agents I realised how rife the problem was and that I am not the only one in this position.

Unfortunately I live quite close to the Olympic site, and therefore a prime location, in many landlord’s minds, for visitors to want to stay. The problem is, according to the landlords I met with anyway, that if visitors can afford to come to London, and have the money to buy tickets for events – and many of these will no doubt be corporate types – why would they be renting out a terraced house and not a hotel, or a block of apartments?

According to them the landlords are being greedy and overcharging on the rent in the hope of making a quick bob, but many of these houses will be left empty.

And they said they have seen many people in the same position as me, and it will only get worse in the run up to the Games.

So although I am curious to see what the Olympics will bring, I am not happy with the effects it will have on everyday Londoners – i.e being made homeless, and how it will affect transport links.

As it happens, I did manage to find another place to live, and by a stroke of luck it is also two streets away from where my cousin lives. It is not ideal as it is in a shared house and I would prefer my own place, but it will do for now.

Let the packing commence!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eyeshadow lust

I blogged last week about this new palette I bought from Fashionista, but I thought I would give you a closer look.

I got the beige colours to use as a base and as a highlighter, and the purples to blend for a smoky eye.

In the picture below you can see the outfit I wore it with, which I think is a good match. I was visiting my auntie and family for the weekend in Huddersfield for the first time since I got married, so it was a good occasion to dress up.

I loved the eyeshadows and found them easy to blend and work with. They get a thumbs up from me! And the enormous mirror that comes with the palette is a huge bonus.

What do you think of them?

Monday, May 7, 2012

My favourite blush brush

I bought this blush brush from Real Techniques a month ago and have never gone back since!

The bristles are ultra soft, but distribute product so well. I find it easier to build up colour using this, but it seems physically impossible to apply too much product with it. Probably due to the nature of how soft the bristles are it helps apply a light colouring without going over board with the streaky of rosie look.

Have you tried it? And if you have, what do you think of it?

Available from Boots.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week review #19

Hello lovelies!
I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday. I have spent mine in Wales, and Yorkshire, watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Avengers.

I have spent a few weeks away and enjoyed the start of married life. I also enjoyed a lovely holiday in Rome, which I will hopefully be posting about soon.

Speak soon,


Shopping haul

This week I did a bit of a cheeky shop at Superdrug and stocked up on plenty of goodies. I managed to go to the one in Stratford Centre (not Westfield) which is the only place near me that I can find that stocks Fashionista cosmetics.

I already have two palettes in browns and blues, but was keen to try some other colours. I opted for a neutral beige to be used as a base, and another with a bit of shimmer. I also went for a deep purple, and a lighter one, also with a bit of shimmer. I went for a red limited edition palette, which I think is gorgeous.

At the moment Superdrug has an offer on - if you buy 3 pans you get the fourth and the palette free. Worth getting.

I also got a Lipcote, which I have had my eye on for ages. I remember this from back in the day, so I'm glad to have this back in my makeup bag.

Other purchases include Mua cosmetics black eyeliner, which I still think is a dupe of MAC, and an eyebrow pencil. I also opted for two deep pink lipsticks, which at £1 each isn't a massive loss if I don't like them, but I do want to try them out.

Have you tried any of these? If you have, what do you think of them?


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just married

Hello there!

This is just a quick note to explain my absence over the past few weeks. I got married over Easter, and as much as I love blogging, I am enjoying married life more. I thought it was time to take a little break and make the most of these few weeks immediately after the wedding.

I will continue blogging, but wanted to enjoy this little break and explain why I have gone missing for a little while.

Speak soon,

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