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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frontcover True Colours

Christmas is exactly a week away, eek! Have you done all your shopping yet? If not, then this Frontcover True Colours palette may be perfect to give as a present, or to treat yourself.

My first experience of Frontcover was this time last year when my cousin took a palette to Canada with us. We were there for my cousin's wedding, and had a week of parties leading up to the wedding and reception. With one palette alone she was able to create enough looks for all of us - cousins and aunties. Our own personal make-up artist!

So I was keen to try out a palette of my own, and when I got this True Colours palette I was super excited! The pack creates a range of colours, with a palette-sized instruction booklet, and tips inside and on the back of the box with pictures.

The pack itself includes:
* 11 eyeshadows
* 5 lip glosses
* 2 nail polishes
* 1 double-ended mascara
* 2 eye brushes
* 1 retractable lip brush

I have had a little play with the set, and absolutely love the eyeshadows at the top of the box, in particular Dark Illusion for a smokey eye look. It is so creamy it glides on like a dream. And I love the purple glitter nail polish to use as a sparkly top coat over other colours.

The kit is priced at £25 and is available from Frontcover and QVC.



  1. Loved mine! xx


    1. I love it! Looking forward to using it over Christmas. x


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