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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frontcover Dark Arts

Earlier this week I published a review of the Frontcover True Colours kit. You can find it here. Today's review is a nail art kit from the same collection. Frontcover Dark Arts contains enough tools and polishes for you to get creative with your nails from geometric prints, rhinestones, and holographic diamonds.

The emphasis with this kit is dark, luxe and sophisticated, with touches of jewels to imitate jewellery. The kit includes nail polishes, a clear top coat, nail stickers, glitter and glue.  I have had a play around with some of the polishes, which you can see on my Instagram account (Safiraali) and was impressed with the quality of the polishes, especially Saffron Stigma, which is a red, with a gold tint.

Word or warning, do use a base under the polishes, as they do tend to stain the nail if not used.

I'm loving the nail stickers too, and am looking forward to the Laser Cut Leather nail sticker, which I'm planning to wear for Christmas.

The kit includes:
* 5 nail polishes
* 3 pots of nail jewels
* 1 pot of nail glitter
* 3 nail art stickers
* 1 nail file
* 1 nail art brush
* 1 mini nail scissors
* 1 orange stick
* 10 dotting sticks
* 1 nail art glue
* 1 mini tweezers

Have you tried any of the Frontcover kits? What do you think of this one, and would you try it out?

It is available for a limited time from the Frontcover website and is currently reduced from £25 to £20. It is also available from QVC.


  1. Really cute nail art hun, need to get me some festive ones.

    1. Thank you! I have tried some nail art on my Instagram (safiraali) but will do a post with some of the best ones from this kit. x

  2. This is so cute! Love the nail art.

    Lela -

    1. Thank you! It is a good kit, but I need to work on my nail art skills a bit more before I am to that standard!

  3. Awesome kit!
    Just needed to say that your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'??


    1. It's great isn't it?! And thank you for following. x

  4. Awesome kit! I love the ideas! X

    1. Thank you hun. I will be trying a few of them out soon. x

  5. I love the look of this, the packaging is awesome too. I love that it's got some instructions too, I need a bit of help and direction when it comes to nail art x

    1. Same here. I don't mind doing freehand, but it never looks as professional as I want it to. I have been following the instructions from this, and they look really good!


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