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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 15 - Carnaby Street

Having lived in London two-and-a-half years now I was surprised I had never been to Carnaby Street before. Having heard so much about it I was determined to find out exactly what was there. I was out for the day with the lovely Aysh, and we made it our mission to seek it out before we went to another event. I was on the lookout for the Pixi store, and after we found it we were in make-up heaven trying to goodies out.

We also had a wander around and found an Irregular Choice shoe shop - dangerous! We ended up liking lots of shoes on there, and I put a couple on my mental wishlist to pick up later.

We spotted the amazing Carnaby Street sign above, which sums up how patriotic London and the UK have been this year. See yesterday's post for my fab Union Jack Wellies.

There are lots of great independent shops in Carnaby Street, it's hard to imagine it is hidden away, yet right next to Regent Street.

What are your favourite shops in Carnaby Street?


  1. I was in Carnaby Street recently and didn't see this huge Union Jack! :( Just lots of stuff from the rolling stones! Still, It's so pretty!

    1. I went past yesterday and saw the Rolling Stones signs, they look really good too! This was from a while back, and must have been before it changed over. x

  2. ah Carnaby Street is so cool! and the streets around it! So many good shops!

    1. I love it there! Need to go back there. They have so many good shops. x


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