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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tantrum nail glitter

Yesterday I had a wander into Westfield Stratford on the hunt for some nail art tools. Why is it so difficult to find these on the high street these days?! Or am I just looking in the wrong place? I remembered a few months back I saw a whole stack of them in Kiko ranging from brushes to dotting tools, but the assistant told me these all went in the sale and have now gone. They have no idea if or when they will get them back in.
Disappointed, but undeterred I went to Tantrum instead. This is on the lower ground floor towards the back of the shopping centre, and I remember it opening a few months ago, finding not too much stock in it that interested me and leaving without purchasing.

Well on this trip I found lots of nail art pens, glitters, stencils, and wraps. I believe the chain started out orientated towards children and providing fun and arty ways to dress up their nails, but it has grown to include all kinds of nail-related goodies, certainly loads I had fun with.
I bought three nail art pens, which I had a play with last night, and if you follow me on Instagram (SafiraAli) you would have seen some pictures of yesterday. But I will have another go of the pens, and post some pictures when I have tried them out a bit more. First impressions are they are not as superior as the Models Own Wah! Pens, but have a good range of colours, are cheaper and fun. They are certainly a good alternative to dotting tools, and were good for creating dots and designs.

Anyway, while I was there the shop assistant tempted me with some glitter, and tried it on one of my nails. I went for an accent nail in a mixture of gold and silver specks, called Ivory Cream. She painted a coat of clear nail varnish over my nail and poured the glitter straight on. You can catch the excess specks in a Tupperware container and dust off any that don’t stick.
My first impressions are that I loved it! I took a few photos, and couldn’t stop looking at my nail. It’s a good alternative to glitter nail polish and really catches the light well, especially at night time. You can paint a topcoat on it to secure the glitter, and it gives a more glazed effect, but I chose to keep it topcoat free.
I did tap it (a lot) to see how much glitter would fall off, even scratched it and brushed it against my coat (very little fallout) and then washed my nail under a tap. All in the name of research! Anyway, as you can see from the picture a little of the pink underneath my nail started showing, but I doubt most people would try to brush so much off their nail once they have applied it.

It is day two, and the glitter is still secure, and I still like it. I think an accent is a nice touch, but you could cover all your nails for, say, a Christmas party.
It is a fairly small tub, but you don’t need a lot to cover your nails, so I reckon it would last a while. But it’s not bad for £4.
Have you tried any nail glitters? Have you bought anything from Tantrum? And where can I get nail tools from on the high street?!


  1. I love the glitter accent nail, it looks really effective!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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