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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 11- Cabana Brazilian restaurant

I went to Cabana restaurant today in Westfield Stratford, it is a Brazilian restaurant just outside the shops near The Street.

I had heard good things about the restaurant and was curious to try out Brazilian food, the fact the chicken was halal was a definite plus.

We ordered a selection of vegetables marinated in a hot spicy sauce. We tried the portobello mushrooms, and the aubergine which was amazing! It almost tasted like meat itself.

We also ordered corn on the cob and chicken skewers. It was good as the waiters bring the skewers to your table, pour you as much as you want and you can always order more later. To go with it we also had some rice.

The quality of the food was amazing, but the only down side was the portions. £3 for three slices of aubergine is a bit much, and they accidentally only brought two slices, so I had to ask for my missing slice.

And also, as you can order as you go along it's easy to clock up the bill and not realise how much you have spent.

Good food nonetheless. Have you been?


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