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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 3 - A walk in the park

For day three of my 30 days of 30 project it was about simple pleasures, and enjoying things on my doorstep. Me and Asif decided to have a money-free day as we were due to spend quite a bit the day after, and to enjoy what was on our doorstep. I had the day off work, and it was gorgeous and sunny so we decided to take a walk to Central Park in East Ham. Since we moved nearby we love taking walks in the park, and are impressed with how well it is kept. There are loads of events on going, including the Torch coming to it, the carnival, a free music festival, and Olympic-related activities. It is split into four distinct parts, and this section is usually well-kept with lots of plants, flowers and perfect areas to have picnics.
In one of the sections there was a cool wood carving that we had seen started before the Olympics and can now see it is a weightlifter. That's nature coming to life.

Are there any parks near you? Do you enjoy walks in the park?

This post is part of my 30 days of 30 project, where I plan to do something different for 30 days to mark my big birthday. If you have any suggestions of what I can do in September let me know below.

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And tomorrow's post will be a traditional English affair.


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