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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked palette (picture heavy)

So last week I went to Debenhams armed with my Beauty Club Card points. I had what I thougt was £5 worth, and was ready to buy a single eyeshadow in a deep dark green for a smokey-eye look. I found the perfect green in Loaded, and was about to buy it when I spotted this palette. After checking how many points I actually had, it turns out I had £20 worth! So I went for Smoked, which includes Loaded, and paid the extra £15.

The smallish palette comes in a zip-up case, with a booklet full of ideas on how to create everyday smokey looks, to coloured, to Kardashian-esque looks, plus a mini original primer potion. In my opinion it is not worth using the shadows without it if you want the colours to be intense and to stay all day, or night.
This is my fourth palette from Urban Decay, and the only one with a zip, which makes it so much easier to carry, and less bulky than the others I have.

Inside there are a range of colours, from the palest cream in Kinky, to the darkest Blackout. There are 10 shadows, including five which are exclusive to this palette - Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor, Barlust, and Asphalt.
The permanent shades in the collection Mushroom, Blackout, Rockstar, Evidence, and Loaded.
Most of the colours have a shimmer to them which give a lovely 3-D effect in the light when layered on deeply, and the four matte shades are Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor and Blackout.

I was impressed with most of the colours, as they are soft and blend well, with the exception of Evidence, which isn't as softly textured as the others, and doesn't give as much colour pay-off as you would expect from the pan.
Both Kinky and Freestyle are lovely pale shades, but a little chalky on my Asian skintone. Kinky could be used as a brow highlighter I suppose, and Freestyle is a creamy peach, that would look good on its own, or - since this is a smokey palette - blended out above the crease of a smokey eye, or on the inside corners.
 Barlust is a shimmery brown with a red undertone. I only needed a tiny amount, which gave an amazing colour pay-off. This is probably my favourite colour from the palette. It looks gorgeous as a smokey colour for a day or afternoon look without going for a heavy dark or black colour.
Rockstar is as beautiful as it looks in the palette and gives a modern take on the traditional smokey eye look, brightening it up with a purple look.
 Mushroom is a brown/grey colour, that leans more towards a cooler silver tone than Barlust. But Evidence, as good as it looks, was a bit of a let down. It came out chalky compared to the other buttery-soft shadows and needed a bit more effort to build up. This is gorgeous for an alternative navy smokey eye look.
 Backdoor is a dark brown matte shade, one of the newer shades in the palette. A good shade to use in the crease as am alternative to the black, or to line the eyes instead of using a liner pencil.
And Loaded, the colour I originally wanted when I went shopping, is a dark green/teal shade leaning towards black. Gorgeous with a lighter green colour blended into the inner corner of the eye.
 Blackout is a traditional matte black shade. You can't really go wrong with this, but be careful not to overload the brush as a little goes a long way.
And lastly is Asphalt. I love this grey shade with glittery flecks in it which looks gorgeous when it hits the light.
And lastly, included is a full-size eye pencil in Perversion, a dark matte black colour, that has good staying power, but I am yet to fully road test this one.

So there you have it! I like the combination of colours, and though I won't use the lighter shades as much as the others, they are a welcome addition for highlighting. I love the richer colours of Rockstar, Loaded and Asphalt. Evidence is workable with a little bit more work, but Barlust is definitely my favourite out of the palette.

The zip-up case is a nice feature, and it is light enough to stick in your bag for touch-ups or for travel.

The £35 price tag is a little steep, but I used my Beauty Club Card points from Debenhams, so didn't feel the pinch so much. If you are a fan of smokey-eye looks, or would like to learn how to do them, it might be worth sticking this on your birthday or Christmas wishlist.

It is available here.


  1. Lucky you for having so many points, that is always a nice surprise. x

    1. Luckily my sisters used it and I used it to buy lots of birthday presents, always nice when I can get a treat in return too! X

  2. This is gorgeous, Urban Decay always just have the nicest selection of colours in their palettes.

    1. I agree, the colours are beautiful, but I love the consistency the most, and because they are so easy to work with. Definitely my favourite eyeshadows of the moment.


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