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Friday, August 31, 2012

My day at the Olympics

Last month I went to the Olympics with my sisters, cousin and brother-in-law. It was the first day of the Games and we had tickets to see two basketball matches. We didn't have as much time to look around the Olympic Park as we would have liked, as they were travelling down to London from up north on the same day, but it was exciting being part of the action. It was packed out and once we are through security we went off to find out venue. I couldn't get my head around the enormity of it all, and didn't expect the Olympic Park to be so big and spaced out.
Having frequented Westfield so often I was surprised to see this right next to it, but had never noticed there was so much going on in it ahead of its opening.
We had a wander around the Athletes' village, and went to the basketball venue, which I thought looked like a big marshmallow.

We had tickets to firstly see USA v France, which was a high energy match and cool. There were loads of Americans cheering on their team, and it was a good atmosphere. USA did win, but France put up a good fight, and I liked one of the player's funky glasses, which I have included a picture of above.
The second game was China v Spain, which was another good match as Spain ended up doing quite well in the tournament.
Did you get to go to the Olympics? If you did, include your links to any posts below. Today I am going to the Paralympics and will be seeing some athletics, which I am looking forward to.

Also, if you have any ideas for my 30 days of 30 project leave me some suggestions to try out during September.


  1. Your pictures are great! I'm still amazed at how big the Park is every time I go there.

    1. Thank you! I forgot I had them until I started getting my camera ready to go to the Paralympics tonight. The park is massive. I think we should have our own buggies to get around it! x


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