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Monday, August 27, 2012

Marilyn white dress dupes

Don't you hate it when you come across something you really like and find out it's sold out, or was out of stock ages ago? Well one of my readers came across one of my older posts and asked if I could find a dupe of the Marilyn white dress I posted from Asos last year. The dress was gorgeous, and judging by the number of hits it got it was popular with you lot too. I have attempted to find some similar dresses, with links if you want to shop the dupes.
This white dress is priced £29.95 from Amazon. It is pretty much the closest one to the original and the one above that I found. It is available from here.
This dress is from Amy Childs' own range. It is a skater style with a full skirt, priced £55 and available from here.

Not exactly the same but I'm throwing this one in there just because I can. This white peplum dress is currently £17.50 from Asos. It is by Oh My Love and available from here.
This cream dress by Little Mistress is from River Island. It's a bandeau prom dress with lots of embellishments. It's priced £55 and available from here.
This ivory skater dress from Dorothy Perkins has a heart-shaped cutout in the back. It is priced £36 and available from here

And this one is probably one of my favourites. The cross bust dress by Wal G is available from Topshop. It is £34 and available from here.

So what do you think of the dresses? Do any take your fancy? And if you have any others that match the top one let me know.


  1. The first and last ones are definitely my faves, absolutely gorgeous! xx

    1. I love the last one. I would definitely wear that one, and the embellished one is quite pretty too. Now just to get Marilyn's figure.


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