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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30 days of 30 project

It may surprise some of you to hear this... but I am hitting the big Three Oh on Sunday. Oh yes, I will officially be leaving my twenties and turning thirty. Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about this, but really it doesn't bother me. I feel like I should say something like it makes me feel older, or I should get a bit more serious about life, or start thinking about my future. But really I still feel like a big kid inside, and probably still act it.

I got married four months ago, and we got our own place and are still enjoying the honeymoon period, but that aside I am not feeling massively old. Give me a few days and then maybe ask me again.

So anyway, this is where I was hoping for your help. A friend of mine said her friend is also turning 30 in October and has decided to do a 30 days of 30. I thought this was a good idea as my birthday actually falls in a month where there are 30 days and may be good to do.

The idea is to do something different everyday. This can range from going out, to an event, to eating out, or just doing something like learning to ice cupcakes.

So a few ideas I had were to go on the London Eye - I have never been before, ride a bike through Hyde Park, go for afternoon tea at Claridges, go to the opera or ballet, to personalising a t-shirt and crafting something new.

I was looking for a few more ideas and also, what would be on your 30 at 30 list?


  1. This is such an awesome idea! I love it. I think you need to include some sort of pamper session in there and another touristy thing, maybe a duck tour?
    Enjoy it all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    1. Thank you! Pamper session sounds good. How could I leave that out?!
      And what is a duck tour?

  2. I think getting a phone that works will be a great thing to do - possibly one of the first ones.... hehehe. I think you should design yours & Asif's costumes for my party, possibly make them too :D

    1. Phone idea is a must. I won't need a costume. Might come as Hermione from Harry Potter and just not straighten my hair.


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