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Friday, June 8, 2012

Urban Decay shopping haul

I am new to the whole Urban Decay makeup collection and have been wanting to treat myself to a Naked palette, but for some reason never got around to it. So I found myself in Debenhams in a panic looking for some decent makeup for my cousin's wedding. I usually wear eyeshadows from a highly pigmented palette from an Asian shop. I don't know the name of it as it is in Urdu, but I will get my mum to translate it. But after moving house and not knowing where all my stuff is I wasn't able to find my usual makeup. I was very keen to go for the new 'build your own palette' as I loved the colours, and could pick and choose what I wanted for the look I had in mind. But after finding out that it would set me back around £80 for the palette and colours inside it  I decided to go for another option.

I went for the 15 year anniversary palette - not completely new, but it has a good range of colours and I could use them for all the different events in the run up to the wedding. Plus I could do my sisters' makeup if need be too. I loved the velvety texture of the colours and my favourite has got to be the teal - it is so pigmented! And how gorgeous is the jewelled box?! It can double up as a jewellery box when you are finished with it and take out the palette section.

I opted for a pearly primer because I have heard so many good things about it, and then was on the lookout for some eyeshadow shading brushes. The assistant showed me a few and I chose a couple from them, but (and this is probably down to her great sales technique) she told me if I paid a little more I could have the same exact two brushes in a double-ended brush but in the Naked 2 palette. Well, who am I to argue?! I have wanted to get my hands on it for ages but couldn't justify it. My older sister loved it so much when I later showed it to her that she went back the next day and bought the same two palettes, and my mum has her eye on them too.

Probably because I spent so much the sales assistant threw in the purple eyeshadow for free. Well, the whole lot did set me back about £80 - though if I compared the amount I did end up with, I much preferred that to the build your own palette.

Do you have any of the above? What are your recommendations?


  1. I haven't tried any UD eyeshadows but they do look really good and really pigmented. I'd love one of their palettes!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

    1. The ones I have tried so far are amazing, especially their new velvety ones. Would definitely recommend trying them out.

  2. Good haul! I have the original naked and I love it. I love the quality of UD eyeshadows. Enjoy playing around with them!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving them so far. Bought another purple one and loved Naked2 so much I bought another for my sister's birthday.


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