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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real Techniques shading brush

I bought a pack of Real Techniques makeup brushes a while back, and they have become my Holy Grail of brushes in my makeup bag. The one thing I was lacking was more eyeshadow brushes - especially a shading brush. I bought this one from Boots, and it comes in similar packaging to the other brushes in the range.

This one has densely packed bristles, and is still soft to the touch. I have been having a play with it, and it is best used after shadow is put onto the lid using one of the other brushes in the range, like one of the flatter brushes, and then use this in the eye crease to blend the colours out, or into each other.
I had a little play with some blue eyeshadow above from Boujois. Let me know what you think of it.


  1. I also have this brush and have decided it's definitely not the best at applying the shadow but I do love it for blending. I find the RT face brushes, especially the buffing and powder brushes by far the best! This eyeshadow looks really nice! I wish I was more daring with mine, I tend to stick to a mix of naturals/browns but this really suits you!

  2. Hi Rebecca-Louise. I did have difficulty applying shadow with this, so used one of the bigger bristled eyeshadow brushes, which worked a treat. But similarly the others were no good for blending without rubbing all the shadow off, or spreading it as they were too wide.

    This was precise enough not to spread it out more than I wanted it spread out, yet small enough to blend effectively. I have just started using the powder brush, so still testing that one out!

    Thank you! This blue was a little more on the daring side for me, but I was going to a wedding party so thought I would try out the look. x

  3. How come this is better for blending than packing on shadow? :) Thanks

  4. Hi Jeen,
    I personally found the bristles, though densely packed, too soft to pack on colour, yet soft enough to blend effectively.


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