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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pink glitter nails

I went to my cousin's wedding last week and it was a beautiful event. We were asked to wear a dark pink colour to match the theme. The boys all had matching ties, and looked good, while the girls were wearing different shades of pink. I wore a dusky pink maxi dress with embroidery. I decided to go for a dark pink on my nails with glitter to match my outfit.

The pink is from Bourjois in Violet Couture. I love this shade! It needs about two coats to become a solid dark colour. I used Rimmel's lasting finish in Disco Ball over it for a lovely glitter effect.


  1. Great pigmentation in the pink polish!


    1. Thanks Alice. It is a great colour even with one coat, but two coats makes it more solid. Love the shade also!


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