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Monday, June 11, 2012

Estee Lauder lucidity powder

I bought some lucidity powder from Estee Lauder over the weekend. I have been after a loose powder for some time to set my foundation for a while but never knew which to buy. I bought this one on a whim more than anything else just to try it out. I am always dubious about anything loose as I am prone to accidentally dropping things, or fear caking it on. But the generous tub comes with a plastic safety cap, with some convenient holes in it. It is quite easy to shake some powder out with the lid on, then to dust my powder brush in it, tap off the excess and swirl it where I need it on my face.
Having used this for my cousin's wedding I can safely say that I loved it. Used in small amounts - making sure I brushed the excess off - it was perfect for setting my foundation and for taking away any shine before I went to apply my contour and blusher.
It does come with a gorgeous powder puff, which I haven't used yet, but don't feel I really need to if I am using my brush. Generally this has been a good purchase and does the job of setting my makeup, so I have no problems with it. The cap is also good for dabbing the excess into.

Have you tried it out? What are your favourite loose powders? The range is available here.

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