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Monday, June 18, 2012

Caroline Hiron's Beauty Mouth workshop at Towib

Over the weekend I went to the fourth The Only Way Is Blogging event (Towib) and had a blast. Read my review of the event here.

I did promise a run down of one of the popular workshops taken by Caroline Hirons, from Beauty Mouth. This was not only informative, but hilarious, and gave a light-hearted take on beauty and skincare.

Caroline is an expert in her field of dermatology and has worked her way up the ranks of beauty starting on the shop floors of department store beauty counters to a key decision maker and advisor for major skincare and makeup brands. Her insight was amazing, and she is not afraid to tell it like it is. I order you to check out her blog (after finishing my post!) and finding out some advice for yourself.

Key advice she imparted to us was to cut out sugar in all its forms, including carbohydrates, if you really want to improve the condition of your skin. If you think of the collagen in your skin like building blocks, by eating sugar it knocks out the blocks of collagen. To keep the blocks strong and your skin supple cut the sugar out. Simple.

Eat anything with Omega 3 in it to improve skin; this includes salmon, avocado and nuts. And cut out anything citrus if you have acne – it messes with the acid/alkaline balance in your skin.

Her top tip was to get rid of face wipes “as they are useless” and do nothing for your skin. Her blunt advice was that they should only be used on fannies, flights, and festivals. She added that if you use a wipe then cleanse and still see the dirt on the cotton pad you know the wipe was useless as it hasn’t taken all the makeup off. Skip that step and jump straight to cleansing.

To get your skin really clean forget the muslin cloths and get out the flannels. WASH your face! And use a flannel with your face wash to get into your skin, massage it and clean it. They don’t have to be fancy flannels, just buy a cheap packet and they will do the job.

DOUBLE CLEANSE. This is essential if you wear makeup or SPF. Cleansing once will get the dirt off your face. Cleansing twice will make sure all of it is off.

She added that when she worked on beauty counters women would ask her to recommend a foundation and she would ask “Why. What’s wrong with your face?” As in – what is the problem you are trying to cover up? That is for the cleanser and toner in your regime to sort out, not your foundation. That comes later. And Caroline added don’t fork out £50 on a foundation if you wouldn’t spend the same on your skincare products, as one is useless without the other.

Use products for your skin complaints not for your age. Forget whether the product says 20–30/ 30–40. Treat the issue.

Do not leave it until your late 20s to start wearing an eye cream. Invest in one much earlier. A good one to try is a collagen eye cream from Monu for an effective and cheap option.

And lastly, her tip for treating ingrown hairs was to use Anthony For Men or Cool Fix from Space NK. Go get some!


  1. Thanks for summing up! I missed this talk, which I was very sad about so was very pleased to be able to read some of Caroline's tips. She is a legend and hilarious, so glad she was able to attend.

    1. Hopefully I summed it up so you didnt miss too much.
      I'm so glad she attended too. I learnt a lot if stuff, which sounds basic but a lot of people forget about. And I loved her hilarious take on it all. Would love to see her back again!

  2. I've only just come across this - forgot I said Fannies. LOL

    Thank you for a lovely post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Loved the workshop, and have been double cleansing and using flannels since. It has made such a difference to my skin!


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