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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week review 21

Hello lovelies!
Have you had a good week? I have been alternating between sunning myself in this gorgeous heatwave and finishing moving house. I think we are just about moved into our new place, and now have the mammoth task of unpacking and setting our belongings. We are super-pleased with the area we have moved to, which is a lot nicer than the last place and area we were in.
One thing about the sunny weather, I feel a lot more laid back and lazy. And it affects my routine also. Instead of blow drying and straightening my hair I went for the natural curly look. Although by the time this photo was taken the curls had relaxed. I am naturally curly, but just put a bit of Catwalk Fashionista Big and Bigger volumizing foam and label.m Sea Salt Spray to enhance my natural curls. Both helped keep my curls in all day. One thing I find when I let my hair dry naturally is that the weight of the curls drags my hair down and relaxes the curls, but if I pin sections of hair up and let it dry, the bottom two-thirds of my hair turn out much more curlier. Not sure if this works for anyone else.

I am loving how my skin looks with a tan. I do tend to tan very easily, and like the golden glow. I am also making the most of using my bronzers, and especially shimmery bronze eyeshadows, which I wouldn't normally venture near, but the sunny weather makes it feel ok. I also went for a lighter foundation look to my usual MAC Studio Fix foundation - which is great for full coverage, but when it is as sunny as it was today it does feel like my face is caked in make-up. I have been trying to find the bottle of foundation I used this morning, but can't find it now. But it was from Boujois, and gives a sheer dewy look, which is perfect for this weather.
I have also been trying out the tribal look today with this fab necklace, which I will post about later this week, plus some other ways you can get the tribal look.

Anyway, that's it from me for now.  Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather. x


  1. You look beautiful, I love your natural hair! x

  2. Thank you lovely! Though I should have taken a pic when I first did it as it ended up flat by the end of the day.
    You have to tell me your curl product tips! I think curly is the way to go this summer!


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